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Bleach 525 has been released.


Wow that was not bad at all chapter. Probably a little to short than expected. But it was really interesting to see the story between the two of them. So Kempachi was a monster even as a child . I really can't believe that he was stronger than Unohara at the time. Truly amassing.

 So she is killing him and then curing him so he will continue to fight. But it seems that he is starting to bake his own seal. I'm so glad that Kempachi is on the side of the shinigamis. It would be really really bad if he was against them. But who the hell is he anyway, how does he have that kind of power? I don't remember much to be told about his past.

 Can't wait to see what's up with Ichigo and Rengi.

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What happens next?

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