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Bleach 526 has been released.


The emotional impact of this chapter was stifling. I don't even understand half of it itself, this entire dreaming concept... And Minazuki definietly purified the flesh, but I still don't understand, was she simultaneously stripping away his skin (killing him) then reviving him at the same time? The construction of that is there, but it isn't entirely clear.

  This leads me to say we saw nothing of what her Bankai can really do other than what we saw in a few slides. I doubt she is truly dead because it doesn't reflect this statement well at all.

 It has truly shown nothing of the true form and further more, Kubo does not treat any Bankai release like trash. No one has died like this without seeing what it can do, so this makes me doubt her death but on the other hand, she could really be dead.This is one indication to safety net her life itself though.

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What happens next?

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