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Brilliant.This chapter was amazing, I knew Kenpachi wouldn't want Unohana to die at all and the fact that he reacted like that just demonstrates how much regard he has for her as the strongest woman he ever knew, and seemingly does care for.

 Kenpachi seemingly heard his Zanpakuto name after defeating her, so hopefully this sheds some light onto his abilities as a true Soul Reaper. Further more; I doubt Unohana is dead, her death still does not reflect the Omake statement at all. So before anyone jumps to conclusions; please hold out from making any generalisations of what has transpired because there are numerous things that still safety net her death, and will be held over our heads for a long time.

 Unohana really has a grasp of Kenpachi himself and even understands he is still a child, particularly when reacting to her "moving on".

 It doesn't shock me that Renji passed the training and Ichigo failed, he has no ability with communicating with his Zanpakuto what so ever and has seemingly been kicked out of the Soul Realm. Looks like this means Ichigo is without a Zanpakuto and even Nimaiya acknowledges he isn't a "real Soul Reaper" to say the last, probably meaning he cannot properly interact as one.

 I wonder what this means for Ichigo? Perhaps he will pursue his true identity and we will have some clarity into who he really is as both a Human and a Soul Reaper.

 Nimaiya just demonstrated opening a portal, with what seems to be Kido. I wonder how far the abilities of Squad Zero do go? This is getting more and more intense and very impacting. A lot of time did pass for Renji and Ichigo as well, I wonder if time is also flowing differently in the Soul King's realm, as opposed to the Soul Society, World of the Living and Hueco Muendo.

 Great chapter and so much plot paving. I cannot wait to see what happens for Ichigo and how he will develop now he has been abandoned by the only people who can seemingly construct a Zanpakuto. Maybe Kisuke can help Ichigo out again, he was under their tutelage for some time as implied by Tenjiro.

 Maybe Juha Bach will get to Ichigo first? It seems Ouetsu has just imposed that Ichigo is not to go back to the Soul Society at all now that he understands he is not a Soul Reaper; and even foreshadows he needs to go back to his roots, perhaps we will be seeing some of Isshin too.

 Perhaps this also means my theory of Ichigo joining the Vandenreich isn't too far off coming into the limelight now that he has been warned by the "authority" of the Squad Zero itself.

 Great chapter and excellent compilation of events.  

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What happens next?

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