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Good chapter. Thought nothing came as a big surprise to me thought. I think from here on the things will get to the most interesting part. So Ouetsu know the EXACT location on every shinigami's Asauch. That was pretty cool to know. Some more interesting stuff when we saw that Kenpachi obviously do have an Asauchi, I wonder if he really stole it from a corpse and how did that all happen.

 But way more interesting was his words. Renji also knew this too about Ichigo failing, but it seems due to what Nimaiya implied, Ichigo needs to find out where his Soul belongs. More implications to suggest he has to make a choice between Humans and Soul Reapers to the extent where it means he has to find his "true sense of self and where his loyalty lies."

 Now Toshiro, this was great. I didn't believe my eyes that he was actually Isshin's underling as a Third Seat in his Squad, this is honestly an excellent play by Kubo and I love the true extent of how this came into light where Toshiro is still the one doing paper work in his Squad. It also conveyed that Toshiro had been learning Bankai for some time now as well. He definitely is our boy wonder.

 Another great element was Aizen, Gin and Kaname's plans to use Isshin to lure out the Vizards and complete his Hollowfication experiments. This was very impacting, even then... Aizen was still scheming with complete Hollowfication and trying to develop his Hogyoku. This is amazing and everything for Aizen then had been "going to plan."

  Aizen had been trying to lure out the Vizards for some time, it is actually almost as if Aizen played match maker with Masaki and Isshin as this seems to take place before the one in Chapter 528. So Aizen obviously set this up for Isshin; and I think Aizen is the reason why the Shiba clan fell, obviously... Since Isshin's absence in the Soul Society, the Shiba's suffered dearly for it.

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What happens next?

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