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Hawofication ? Who is that? That mask rings a bell in my head it kind of reminds me of Ichgo's mask. Could they be connected ? Could the hawoll in Ichigo be the one that killed his mother. If I am not mistaken Urohara is the one who did Ichgo's hallofication. But that one looks strong as kind of the esparda ones. But who could have made it. At the time Aisen did not have the resources to do that kind of a thing. Than who?

 Things are getting more and more interesting and complicated at the same time. Wow can't wait the next chapter. But it was so funny Ichigo's father is just hilarious. I totally love this dude. “I was looking for a toilet and got lost”. Hahahahaha such a idiot. Loved that chapter, really well drawn, maybe a little bit too slow, but hey you can't have it all.

 So things are getting hot. What do You think? Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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