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Fairy Tail 326 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 325 has been released.


Natsu vs Future Rogue seems a promising fight, I only hope Mashima won't ruin it by rushing it.

 Lucy better has to do something important in the upcoming chapters, because so far she's just sitting and staring the other's actions.

  Mira gave a nice speech to Yukino. I wonder why the latter feels so unworthy. The reason behind it is a particular event or she's just has low self esteem?

 In any case, I think the cover page hints something for the upcoming chapters.

 I like the scene with the guilds bonding and deciding to fight together, but I think that one or two pages would be enough for that reason.

  I noticed that Minerva wasn't among them,though. Is she plotting something? or is she just crying in the corner?

  Lastly, I hope Jellal has a good reason he revealed himself to the council members because I don't think this is the brightest decision.

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What happens next?

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