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Fairy Tail 327 has been released.


Wow an awesome chapter. I really love the huge lack of logic that floats in it. Yeah, such a moment of awesomeness. Instead of shouting "THE DRAGONS WILL COME OUT FROM THAT DOOR WHICH IS CONNECTED WITH THE WORLD 400 YEARS AGO!!!!", she decided to be an ass and stall time by saying "DON'T USE THE DOOR" , "NO I MEAN IT, DON'T USE IT", "IT'S NOT A CANNON I SWEAR" , "NO I PROMISE". She actually had to wait 50 minutes before actually saying how it was.  And then the nice chit-chat that she had while the dragons were coming out from the door. Oh and not to mention the princess. Yeah sure sit around and cry, don’t help Lucy close the door. What is she planning to drown the dragons with her tears.

Left that aside this chapter was amazing!!! I actually feel bad for Fiore...Lucy had her moment of glory which was awesome. I hope Natsu does get a power-up, he will need it.

I call Jura eating the Rock Dragon!

Rogue probably really wants to let dragons rule the world again, and he came from that timeline which is actually alternate timeline.
Now I'm wondering if he is really Rogue. The dragons really look mighty. The possibility that Sting and Rogue really slayed their own dragons fades away to oblivion

I hope one dragons looks like Ichiya. Even that Lucy and Natsu are dragged to dragon world but wow It's so cool and now we know Lucy can learn from celestial spirits world by just having keys.

Anyway can’t wait for the next one. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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