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Fairy Tail 328 has been released.


Wholly baloney 7 dragons. Are you kidding me they don’t stand a chance against one and now 7 not to mention that behind the door were 10000. Imagine if they all got in. I guess each slayer takes one dragon, we have 6 right now, so Cobra might really appear? Or Natsu takes two. Did you saw his deadly face in the last panel. It is like he is blood thirsty. So 6 dragon slayers against 7 dragons and not to forget Rough the Lucy slayer :D. But seriously dragon manipulation magic. How did he get to do that? It appears as though human magic really does have no effect against a dragon though.

It was obvious that 10000 dragons won’t get out of the gate. Heck, it would take days for the whole herd to get out. 7 dragons almost needed an felt hour. But that chapter was awesome. I loved it. Lucy finally shined to. So there was a use of her.

Rouge really annoys the shit out of me. Maybe something possesses him? Wonder if Natsu can eat Atlas Flame's flames.

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What happens next?

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