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Fairy Tail 329 has been released.


Did I say that I thing Rouge consumed the light maybe when a dragon slayer receives or consumes the opposite of his element he can do this dragon controlling shit magic. So in oreder to do that there is only one way and I think we all know it.

 Wow but the part where Rouge says that he want to protect his friends and the next box of the future Rouge with his nasty smile, just nailed it. I really can't belief why Rouge and Sting are biching like that they are dragon slayers their purpose is to slay dragons.

 Oh we also get to know the stupid reason behind Rouge's actions(I knew there was one, and it was god damn stupid)

 But to the point Natsu sure is just to cool. Motivating the others while he has it worst since he have to fight the dragon and Rouge both. And finally, we all knew and wondered  who is going the be the seventh dragon slayer some of us got it right Miraculous comes to fight some dragons. Sweet chapter, loved it.

 Can't wait for the next one. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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