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Fairy Tail 330 has been released.


It is nice that we get some male fan service or female fan service, to have some fair balence, let's give the ladies some fan service for once. Of course as usual it is Lucy who give us the ultimate fan service, that is the Fairy Tail we all know and love.

  Anyway onto the serious points of the chapter, maybe we will have 10,000 dragons after all, so Blue Pegasus is pretty much useless, no surprise, it is like Blue Pegasus and Quatro Cuerbes are competing for more useless guild in this arc.

  I love seeing Lexus about to be a badass, and the reaction to Cobra, and the council members don't worry about your jobs, if the world is destroyed that won't be a problem.

  Looks like it is Wendy's time to shine, I don't think she can beat that dragon alone, I think we are going to see someone maybe Celia or even Jellal lent some assistance.

Next chapter, "Natsu's Strategy", I wonder what that is, let me guess get fired up.

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What happens next?

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