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Fairy Tail 332 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 331 has been released.

Since Natsu came up with a strategy after the word eating, I guess it has something to do with eating dragons or their elements.

  As to what will be written in the journal:

  Natsu came up with a weird strategy.

 It worked! Natsu became stronger!

 Strategy backfired.

 Natsu turned into Acnologia.

 Everyone Dies.

 Must prevent this.(:D just kidding)

 On the other hand, Lucy's new outfit, hmm. I guess it's just like what she wore in the OS arc.I feel like this chapter I completely dedicated to the fan service. Ultear and Meredy are probably going to help FT and fight those dragon babies as well. I want to see Minerva again. But this chapter was fine it was funny, had some naked people in it, had a hint for Natsu's plan, it was fine I liked it. Thought's?

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What happens next?

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