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Fairy Tail 332 has been released.


Hahaha Natsu is such an amazing idiot, he is the only person who can actually try to EAT a dragon , and end up becoming comrades with him.

 So in the end Roug's purpose for all this to kill Acnologia and became something like the ruler of the earth. And sine of whatever he thinks he does. Rogue keeps disappointing me. He has now joined the ranks of the normal power hungry stupid villain. He even might appear in the next Bond movie.

  Looks like Mashima off panels all those dragon fights. WHY? Is he thinking about making all of the fights in one chapter. Is he in a hurry, maybe he had a bust to catch wile he was drawing the chapter. And just how many panels were there of Natsu eating flames, is that really that important? Anyway I think we all know that the next chapter will be about Lucy reading her future diary, and stuff. So  I will not try to get nervous from now. I will wait for the next one. Hahah.

 So anyone, thoughts?

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What happens next?

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