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The thing I liked the best in this chapter was Ultear and Meredy.It's freaking awesome to know that Ultear still has her dark side. I can see Meredy stopping Ultear next chapter though. My other prediction, I think Ultear attempting to kill Rogue,  this leads to Minerva finally returning, and we could have Ultear vs Minerva. We all want to see if those two magic abilities went up against each other, not to mention their personalities, And some good fight maybe.

 But why is this still continuing? Looks like Mashima off panels all those dragon fights. WHY? Is he thinking about making all of the fights in one chapter. Is he in a hurry? And a panel from this fight and a panel of that fight. This is really annoying. We haven’t seen the fight with Rouge and the dragon . Nothing!! Just some pointless conversations.

 What a chapter, first of all I thought the recap does remind us how confusing all this time travel has made this arc become, and a reminder of how the ladies of Crime Sorciere has done nothing for a while, though that might change giving the ending of this chapter, but more on that later.

  I told you maybe killing present Rogue might be something they teased as a solution, though I thought it would be suicide, present Rogue offering to kill himself, who knows that might happen next chapter.

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What happens next?

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