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Fairy Tail 334 has been released.

DAFUUKKK. Shit got REAL. Comedic turns into tragic. What the hell is happening this week, main characters, main characters die every where. Is this some evil plan do ruin our manga? Then again Lyon was there so maybe there as an ice dummy or something like that. At least I hope so , Gray is my favorite. But yeah, that was unexpected. This whole chapter felt... weird, I don't know. I didn't like how they solved the Jeral's problem either.

  Why would Ultear appear so much in a chapter..?! I bet my pinky that she will make Gray 'complete' again. This whole chapter felt like a complete chaos, a panel of that, a panel of this , fuck him , lets kill that guy to....... what the hell. It is unexpected but not in the good way.

 But seriously, I'm kind of pissed, after all of the fights he has been in he dies like that. I do not approve that shit. At least let the guy be killed by a dragon not from a stupid mini dragons whose only purpose in this “war” is to make the other characters busy with something, not that they are not wondering around  even now.

 Anyone thoughts?

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