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Fairy Tail 335 has been released.

Oh My God....This sent shivers through my spine.The irony that her life was worth only 1 minute when she thought that she has not saved anyone. But she just did,she saved countless lives. Because in fact one minute in a fight can change everything. She even repaid Gray. But I kind of felt like it was a little tacky? Don't you think?

  What about others? Did they forget her?....This was just so sad!! I am going to miss her, that was not cool death, I feel like he tried to put in that chapter some deep philosophy for Ultear's life in the end she did change, she saved others by loosing her own life. She did not die in vain, but in the end she did not realize it, which sucks. 

  I am glad  extremely glad because Gray is not dead when I should not be. But still,I think that Ultear was epic there.

  Gajeel could see that attack coming,does that mean he was dead too in the original timeline?It seems Mashima will give us more and more changes in the time-line until we are totally confused about what the fuck is going on.

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