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Fairy Tail 337 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 336 has been released.

I actually liked the chapter, I'm getting used to all of you complaining so it's okay (it's still funny to see the first ones to read the chapter are those who always think it's the "lamest chapter ever" until the next one, aren't you Mashima's biggest fans if you read it so eagerly as soon as it comes out or is it just for the sake of complaining before anyone else? Well whatever...)

  Is there anyone who wants to actually discuss about the chapter, what happened, and what might happen in the future? Because I'm really curious about that gate thing (if it will really change the future), but more importantly, it's weird to see the big boss being defeated first, if we consider Future Rogue a big boss since he has real dragons obeying him. Does it mean the rest of the dragons are going to stop fighting because they are part of Rogue's scheme and since he's out, his plan won't work, or something? If Mashima didn't change his plans, I guess the real big boss - Zeref - is going to come now.

 I know that half of FT fans are covered in tears now, but it really looks like Mashima wonted to end this arc really quick. So I think he did this on purpose. Rouge looks death to me, the gate is destroyed. But is future Lucy notebook acquired because we all know she is not one of the smart ones. So there is no way that what she wrote there was the truth. Maybe it will lead to another unsuspected chain of events. But I hate that constant time line change. So I guess we will wait and see.

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What happens next?

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