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Fairy Tail 340 has been released.

I love the cover page all of the non FT women of this arc doing what women do best in this series fan service, thank god the Lamia Scale guild master was no where to be seen.

  We find out what is going on with Crime Sorciere, and Ultear is confirmed dead, or not, maybe she is alive, kind of got mixed messages. Cobra is back in jail, idiot we need all the dragon slayers we can get to train, hopefully they let him train. And who knew Doranbolt was so powerful, I want to get more of his backstory, I bet he was a former bad guy. Is Tartoros the next enemey, maybe we will see Jeema and Minerva sooner than we thought, if some of the fan theories are correct?

  Nice to see all those close to her give their reaction to Ultear's death, and we see Jellal show a big brother side to Merody, how nice.I felt so bad reading that chapter... This was so sad, especially Gray's reaction, it was a simple twist, not too weird, we had hints but still, nobody thought about it. Amazing and sad. At least she didn't die not knowing how much she helped everybody. So RIP Ultear, or is she? Is she the old lady, or is she dead. I got mixed vibes for this, with the clouds, is she in heaven, or is she the old lady.

  I had almost forgotten about Cobra, I didn't expect that to happen, but seems like he's still going to be important in the future. About Tartaros, this seems really interesting, it can mean every one of those who were part of the Balam Alliance and who are still alive and evil will come back, like Rustyrose, for instance. The "door to Hades", huh? While I wanted the next arc to be about Raven Tail, now I really want to know more about Tartaros.

  Well, it was way better than the previous chapter in my opinion.

  Needed to say something about Doranbolt, who is a character I've always loved, but now, I think he's become one of my favorite characters, I really wanted him to see Wendy, and I hope we'll see him again soon.

  Some were disappointed about the fights in that arc but I am frustrated because of the meeting that haven't happened, about the fact that Jellal and Erza didn't get to be together, and this, the fact that Wendy didn't see her former S-class partner... There are so many things left unsaid here.

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......well that was... how should I put this? Ammm so not cool. Mashima what the fuck dude? And you think you can cover this with a little Natsu/Lucy moment and everyone will melt. This whole arc was total BS. Again I hate repeating myself but were you in a rush? Finally the arc is coming to the end. The way I think, is Hiro is cutting his loses and move onto something else. Ultear better not stay dead. I hope the next arc involves Tortoros finally.

  I think Hisui is going to become the 8th dragon slayer, I hope we see more of her in the future, I like to see her become a princess that goes out on adventures, and fights when need be. Maybe Yukino and Arcadeus can become her advenure buddies.

  Six chapters in two weeks, I don't think that means FT is ending soon, we would have heard something about that, however I think Hiro wants to take some time off, go on a little vacation, so he is back loading all these chapters so FT can go on hitatous in the near future.

  I hope if this is ground to test dragon slayers, it means they are needed and let Cobra out on parol, maybe he can join Fairy Tail with Makarov taking full responsible for him, or Quarto Cerbes they need all the help they can get. If that Stray Key arc is canon, he is not going to be able to differ if Yukino is Angel's sisters if they cross paths, it was revealed in that arc he is blind.

  Well maybe Hisui can make that happen, either way I hope Hisui and FT become buddies, it would be great for FT to have some authority on their side for once to offset the duchbag magic council. Also the head of magic council hates FT and wants to disband it. So maybe they hope is they release Cobra in Makarov care, hope he screws up and than they can disband FT.

  So the arc is over and we don't see Minerva at all, so I am going to assume she and maybe with Geema, she exciled herself from ST.

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What happens next?

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