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Fairy Tail 344 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 343 has been released.

Wow a lot of fan service lately hahaha but that king of feels nostalgic.

 Ah, there is is....Minerva is a recurring villain. Sweet.  She is with us again as evil as ever. Mabe we will have some Minevra x Erza action, no not maybe for sure. Back for another whipping so soon. Be nice if Natsu or Gray get to take her down instead. But Mashima will probably follow the typical route, she will provide a bunch of difficulty, then get one shotted.

  And a thing that I'm really happy about is that Gray's finally getting some character development. And that is good he deserves it because he is freaking HOT!

That one bottle of moon-drip is going to melt that entire village? Wut? Is Natsu is going to get the eternal fire?  Is it just me or did Mashima really try to play up the Natsu and Gray rivalry? Let's see how this plays out.

 Good chapter I like it so Erza being Erza and Lucy being Lucy, Natsu and Gray annoying as always, it really feels like the old times.

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What happens next?

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