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Fairy Tail 346 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 345 has been released.

Ahahahaah little Natsu is so cute. Hahaha I liked this chapter a lot of comedy moments. I laughed my butt off when Happy went straight butterfingers what even made it more funny was that he still had that smile well after it dropped. The little teamwork from team Natsu, even if inevitably Happy couldn't reach the moon drip pot and wanted a spanking, Erza's imagining what will happen if they see her like that. Funny chapter that is some pedo magic right there. We got some story development the treasure hunters will follow FT and it was the wizard from Succubus that change them into a kid. So the eternal flame had nothing to do with it.

Doranbolt is really a pedophile hahahahha. That dude from Succubus Eye looks boss couldn't tell if that was a mask or his face. I think the Dark guild will be the real deal in this arc.

I am curious about next week. The mage himself says "Go back to the memories of your past". Which sounds for me like some kind of illusion magic. But his magic is called Retrogression which means Movement to the past. This sounds more like a real step back to the past. Maybe this is the magic that allows Zeref to stay alive for many hundred years. He continuesly does small steps back to the past. As we know from Erza, this magic only attacks the body and not the soul.

I guess next week Natsu will use his DS magic to beat him. He also fought Gildartz in tiny mode.

I can't wait for the next week.