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Fairy Tail 346 has been released.

Okay chapter I suppose.


The neko disguises were funny in a silly way, I can't believe that Ft are fighting them for real they all look kind of.... you know dump DUN. We got confirmation on what the aged Erza,as well as more info on the guy's magic. Minerva appears,(not that i care she is allays such a bitch)Minerva is about to get her ass kicked and humiliated even more by loli erza, and it was cool to see wendy showing some rage in whatever pitiful shit the treasure fodders were doing. Oh and btw another reason to hate Minerva. She is now using Erza's child form to her advantage. If I hadn't hated her enough already then I would have done now. I'm much more interested in that guy who is in the same guild as her. A "non-human", huh? Rather half-human, half-animal... Wonder if he's part of Toby's family, maybe his long lost brother? (no I don't want to see that)


We are in that part of the arc where Natsu go and does whatever he want's. Natsu tricks that guy with a silly trick XD I love little Natsu he is so cute.


I'm only curious about the guild Flare is in. A dark guild? She was stalking lucy the whole time, so they should get together or something. And what happened to Gray? He looks like he's up to something. Looks like he's going to play a bigger role than most members of team natsu, so mashima is going to implement scenes that have him investigating the eternal flame on his side.


Oh and pleasssssssssseeeeeeee please Mashima do make Gray a child too and fight Natsu that will be hilarious.