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And here, just for a moment I thought the treasure hunter will actually wins...i liked this chapter, cus is a good replenish, since not was the trio who was on spot(natsu, erza and gray), i liked to see lucy and wendy fighting by themselfs, make peoples remember who lucy is not a "weakling" like some peoples keep mocking on her here", she not a top mage like natsu or erza or any other s FT wizard but she definitely not a "weakling" as long mashima don't throw a overpower enemie agains her(who obvious is much more strong >>> than her) she can fair fight and even now much better since she can ope 2 gates or even have more if the spirits come by themselfs(like loki did now) what lucy need is just being "less trolled" by mashima.

Flare gained a good powerup, now she showed being more strong than what she was in the RM guild, and now we can spectat her join FT in future( and she can stalker more lucy(man i'm believe who she not was lying when say who she keep stalking on lucy she was saying the truth lol)).

Even wendy keep showing her improvment as a DS, when she grew more she have a big chance to turn even more strong than the current ones DS like natsu, laxus, gajeel, since her keep fighting strong mages unlike the others who only after near adult age who started to deal with really strong enemies.


OK. Here is what I think the title of the next chapter may refer to.

1. Deliora somehow returns.
2. Something to do with Natsu. Maybe Natsu is actually a demon and that's why Zeref says that only he can beat him A theory starts to build inside my brain!