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Fairy Tail 348 has been released.

Hating Minerva even more than ever... They forgave Flare... a bit too unimpressive. It was so rushed... well, but I don't care since finally Gray appeared! How much I missed this guy... And he is even getting more character development in his child form. You know what would be hilarious? Lucy also turns into a child and Wendy is the one to save the day :D I wanna see Lucy's reaction on seeing all of them in their child form esp. Gray. Baby Gray still have 8 pack !!! Really good character development on Gray, I like it. Not surprised that Gray can use his magic probably better than Natsu and Erza as a kid. I think his magic was more developed than theirs back then (he beat Natsu in a fight).

Also we all knew this would be Gray's arc.

He will defeat the time user, thus returning Erza and Natsu back to normal. Then Minerva will be fodder once again as Erza owns her ass.

Seriously loving all the Ul and Ultear flashbacks. They were like family to Gray, but now he will protect his friends.


I can't believe that I'm going to say it but Hiro needs to lay low on the fanservice.

And this gate of Hades really got me interested and those dark guilds too. I really hope we are gonna learn more about that.