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Fairy Tail 349 has been released.

Interesting chapter, so Gray found a way to defeat the non human, well I guess the disadvantage of making them look like chidlren, but not actully children, is they don't lose their intelligence, which works fine against Natsu, but Gray is smart, he has beating mage like Ultear with his brain, so it is not out of left field that he found a way.

Interesting the non human who is Doriarte is not the one responible for freezing the village, we know Minerva doesn't have the magic to do that, so who is, so there will be more enemies to come. I wonder if the one responsible is the Sccubus Eye guild master or someone from Tarturos?

And I don't think Dorianrte is Deloria, the moster the destoryed Gray's village, Ur killed him, so it would made Ur's sacrifice meaningless if he is still alive, so it is something similar to him, I think that was the point of Gray's flashback.

As for the Erza and Minvera fight, as expected Erza turned back to normal when Gray won, and she was saved by her boobs, fan service does something useful, Erza trying to convert Minvera to the good side, unless she subcontious seeking her own long lost brother or sister and you us Nirvana on her, it is not going to happen. But if that is the direction is going for, for me to accept it, you are going to have come up with one heck of sob backstory, it has to be the sob stories to end all sub stories, has to make being a slave in the Tower Of Heaven look like summer camp, has to make having your village destroyed and everyone you care about killed look like a good day. 

Or Hiro can go the opposite direction and give her the most ridculous weak backstory for comedy, like Minerva had a zit on prom night. Guys come up with your Minerva backstories, either a serious one, the sob story to end all sub stories, or a mock one.

And Erza showing us Minerva underwear, she said it was an accident, I will give her the benefit of the doubt, but if it was Mira who was fighting Minerva, that would be intentional.