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Fairy Tail 350 has been released.

So Orga wants to play with the cats, he is like Gajeel, he has hidden soft side, the more we learn about these guys from Sabertooth, the less I want to know, TMI.

So that is what he meant by gate way to hell. Anyway good chapter, those that wanted to see everyone as chibi got their wish, the only negative was knowing those tressure hunter were still around, I thought we were done with them. I wonder how come Wendy wasn't effective by the magic. I loved it when Lucy and Flare called each other cute.

Now than Gray being the genious that is, found a way to beat Doriarte with excpected help from Happy and Charles, but something worse is coming, what is that thing? It reminds me of what happened with Brain and Zero.

So next chapter Eternal Fire, so I guess it will focus on Lucy's group. Considering next chapter's title, it should be resolved soon, since the big mystery of the arc seemed to be the Eternal Flame. Also, it probably means we'll see where Lucy and the rest are heading to, and forget about Gray's whereabouts for a little while.
I guess after that, it will be Natsu's turn to be in the spotlight, with the voice he's been hearing. Hope he won't be there to save the day once again, I realize how interesting Fairy Tail is only when the other characters get to have more importance than him (though I don't really mind seeing his fights).