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Fairy Tail 351 has been released.

Why don't we all just use our imagination, huh? Like imagine that the wierd eyeball creature erupted in a blaze of glory after Natsu kicked it (sort of like Sanji's Hell Memories). Or, you could draw us a decent looking fire attack? ^.^

Anyway, I have to agree that this arc feels really fast paced, but I think that's because were not at the important part yet; I think Hiro is just impatient to get to 'awe' moment, everything that's happening now is just setting the stage for something bigger that will happen soon(I hope).

Oh and might I just say...I KNEW IT! 
1.) I knew that the flame would not be found that easily. From the moment this chapter's name appeared in the previous chapter, I thought no way. And when Natsu said that that fire is definitely going to save the village I thought no it won't (not yet anyway). Mashima doesn't resolve his mysteries so quickly or make the main power available so soon, so then I suspected that they would have to save the village some other way, and then the flame really did disappear after can I get a "banzai!"?
2.) I knew the flame had to be something really special (and huge) and that mountain looked suspicious from the beginning...XD