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Fairy Tail 354 has been released.

So we can assume Minerva will get even stronger? If there's no fodders to be found, then I can't wait for the upcoming "war" But a kind a filler chapter nothing much has happened. The giants look jolly and happy.


Concurrently, the giants of the Sun Village feel the heat of Atlas' fire and begin to melt. On the outskirts of the village, Minerva and Erza watch as a nearby giant begins to move, and, seeing this, Minerva begins to retreat. Watching her back away, Erza calls out, begging the Succubus Eye woman to rethink her current outlook on life, though Minerva gleefully replies that she will remain corrupt and taint the world with her darkness.

Feeling the heat now radiating through the village, the group at the Eternal Flame watch the village become animated once more, though sadly note shortly after that Atlas' spirit has vanished. Looking at Happy, Natsu questions the so-called "E.N.D", commenting that he has never heard of it before.

Meanwhile, in a frozen village, an armored figure is approached by a scaly lizard-man, who tells him that they have been ordered to convene at their headquarters. Commenting that he is paying his respects to a grave, the man asks to be left alone, though the lizard continues, stating that all of the members of the Nine Ghost Gate have been called for. Shaking, the lizard asks that the man respect the summon, and, seeing the reptile so afraid, the man laughs, stating that he is not going to eat him. Turning to the lizard, Tartarus member "Absolute Zero" Silver comments that he only eats the souls of demons.