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Fairy Tail 356 has been released.

Wow what a chapter, Tartarus ain't playing around. They took out all of the top members of the council, Hiro actully killed some people, he apparantly killed of Ultear, but that is still up for debate, but no question these guys are dead. Still people we don't know, if Lahar is dead, that would show more something, Hiro is going to live that up in the air isn't he, like Kira in Bleach. That wasn't Tartarus misson to kill him pacificly so. But if Lahar survived, than this is just like when Kubo kills off random squad members.

And this Jackal dude, I thought till the reveal at the end of the chapter that maybe he is related to Millanna, and speaking of that big reveal, I guess Silver being Gray or Ultear's father is squashed, or is it. I don't know maybe they can meet a human and have kids.

So while all this is going on, Fairy Tail is goofing off as usual. You see Gray is not a total bad guy to Juvia, Elfman don't worry I think Lisanna is a little old for this guys taste. So Gemma is missing, he probably Tartarus prissoner or dead. 

Awesome to see Cobra again, he is a tough negociatior, I felt bad for Draonbolt especially if Lahar is dead, but I love Cobra, so I was conflicted to see those two have a verbal confrentation. But if Oracion Seis is willing to help, let them out, we need all the help we can get. I am telling you Cobra is going to be major character by the time the series is over.

So Tartarus are demons, and END is their guild master, well Hiro you really build them up, you can not screw this up. This is probably the second to last major arc. After Tartarus, the only major enemies left are Zeref and Acnalogia.

I am excited, but I am also pesemstic, because Hiro has let us down before, he has to prove he can handle a big arc like this. He needs to read up on the final arc of Rave Master, and remember how it is done.