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Fairy Tail 357 has been released.

Wonder how this is going to turn out.
Laxus shouldn't beat tempesta, in order to sustain the hype created last chapter.
But then again tempesta shouldnt beat laxus, or else we will get ridiculous FT victory sometime down the arc again where nakama power trumps tiers. Of course this is nil if tempesta is the strongest and Gildarts the only guy who can beat him.

And since there targeting council members, i wouldn't be surprised if Jellal is involved in this arc.


I guess Laxus will be used to demonstrate the strength of the Nine Demon Gates, since so far all they did is kill fodder, although the fact how easy it was for Tempesta to crush Ever, Bixlow and Fried, shows that at the very least those demons are Laxus-Gildartz level.

Though I find it strange that the one in charge is Kyouka and the one they called master was Zeref(though logical, since he was the one who created them), which show that either:
1. E.N.D hasn't been summoned yet.

2. Zeref is E.N.D