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Fairy Tail 360 has been released.

Jackal can't be hit, probably need long range magic to put him down, I don't think Natsu is fully taken down yet. Look forward to the next chapter. $5 bucks says Natsu will get up unharmed, give a nakama speech, and beat the crap out of Jackal.


Wow I'm really loving this new arc, sucks that we have to wait every week.

I also have a feeling Gildarts will appear, or someone else maybe from a different guild like Rogue and Sting, which explains the next chapter a little - "2 Bombs".


Well we might see the same FT logic here
Tartaros bring down ft's strongest mages when ft looks like going down, gildarts will pop-up somewhere Natsu,Laxus (and Erza maybe) will then appear.
Then ft will make a comeback, if that will happen that will be the most reasonable comeback of ft against antagonist just hope natsu's sleeping though...
And we really need Jellal and other mages in this arc, jura,sting,rogue,cobra etc.