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Fairy Tail 361 has been released.
Hilarious no really hahahahahaha this is just too much. Angry Natsu scares even the demons. Ahahahaha. Thought that council guy is such an asshole. I don't think he will help them or give FT some information just like that. What a coward. I hope he gets it too.
Lucy did the opposite of impressing me. Is it me or Mashima is purposely putting her in those situations where she looks and acts like a dumb weakling? I mean, she got downed by one move from Jackal, then she needed to dramatically exclaim that she fights for honor (she should just go), and finally got surprised by Jackal's trap, surprised by his villainy, and couldn't do anything else but cry when she had to make the choice. Jeez.
Now Fairy Tail should gain an upper hand on Tartaros. Not saying it will happen immediately, but we should get something since Natsu & others captured both Jackal and the council guy. It's likely that we will move to the other teams covering other council members though. I'm expecting some loses there (against Kyouka and Silver) but Natsu will come there to save them. Now that I seriously dislike Tartaros, I wouldn't mind that.