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Fairy Tail 362 has been released.
Did Happy besat Jackel? Did that really happen? I expected Natsu to win, but in the end, Happy, really? And this guy wiped out the entire Magic Council, I don't get it.
Happy Jackal 1 0 in the end
Oh well, I guess a spot opened up for Minerva and anyone else they want to get like Oracion Seis members to join their ranks.
At least it is over, though I hope Natsu seriously injured, at least give Jackel that, at least Lexus paid a price. Now that I think about it Happy did payed a price a much severe punishment, the price of afro hairstyle. XD But maybe just maybe Nastu really is a demon.
And I thought jackal was strong ... He seems to be a pushover. Natsu could have done much better defeating this guy if he used his brain mush. He could have just used range attack to avoid unnecessary damage.
Jackal only has strong destructive power, but his fighting ability is weak. I even can say Gray would probably win against him.
Also, like the others here pointed out, happy survived that explosion was so ridiculous. Happy wouldn't survived that one because That last explosion was surely that strongest of all jackal 's explosion. I just hope it will clarify how happy survived that one in the next chapter.