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Fairy Tail 363 has been released.

I'm already starting to see the mistake of people expecting a little out of this Mirza team. Here's what may happen:

Erza and Mirajane are about to battle whoever, in order to protect the chairman.
Erza informs Mira that for some reason Elfman/Lisanna's magical orb communication is broken.
Mirajane leaves Erza to deal with whatever villian they are fighting.
Mirajane ends up where Elfman and Lisanna are, only to find them battered and bruised whereas Seira is gone.
End of the chapter: Erza is struggling against the enemy until Jellal comes to help.

I can see this happening. That way Mirajane doesn't get any feats, the Mirza duo is still hyped, and Erza still gets her prologue battle and maybe even a Jerza scene. Sucks really, to have a pessimistic view of what is going to happen, in order not to be completely disappointed.

On another note: What was Makarov thinking? Gray and Juvia vs. Kyuukimon member alone? LOL. How about Elfman and Lisanna vs. a Kyuukimon members alone as well? ROFL.