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Fairy Tail 364 has been released.

Hiro is really on a roll lately, he just delivered great back-to-back chapters.

Into the chapter:

- I like the Erza-Mira dynamics and scenes, I think they are the matured version of the rivalry of Natsu-Gray or Natsu-Gajeel. 
- Oracios Seis is back. I think Brain finally have his just deserts courtesy of Cobra. I'm wondering whether they'll be an ally or not.
- Jellal and Meredy finally enter the fray. I don't really know what their purpose are currently, if they teamed up with OS then it will boost the good sides power yet again. 
- So there's a traitor in the council eh, I didn't expect Natsu to be the first one to notice that, well done Natsu.
- Elfman and Lisanna, I don't really know why Lisanna just can't transform into something miniscule to escape, but oh well, this can be good depending on what Elfman's decision will be.
- Mest, I don't know what will be his role in all of this, I don't see him as powerful enough to infiltrate Tartaros alone, let's see what will happen.
- The pacing is really smooth, it didn't feel like I read a 30+ pages chapter, since I think every page is necessary.
- Mira and Erza will be sent to Kyouka eh, this could be good, hopefully Minerva is already transformed by then. This can be a good 2on2 match(hopefully). I just feel that Kyouka made the wrong decision by bringing the two S-class mages to her.

All in all this is really a great chapter, a lot of cliffhangers, informative, pacing is smooth, good set-up, I can't ask for a better chapter for a cliffhanger.