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Fairy Tail 365 has been released.
Ha ah Angel confirmed to be Serano, I was right, it feels so good to be right, granted I wasn't the only one, but I was one of the first, when Yukino revealed she had a sister I thought it was Angel right away and I never waffled on that belief. So I feel pretty darn good today. Maybe I would have saved that reveal when she and Yukino crossed paths.
Well those that said Jellal and Oracion Seis were going to fight, and those that Crime Sorciere and Oracion Seis are going to be allies they are both right. Jellal does want to recruit them and is not planning on putting them back in jail, but he has to defeat them and beat some respect into them, which makes sense, they have their pride. Though hopefully this won't take too long, Tartarros plans on stealing everyone's magic, so don't waste too much time on a fight just about pride and respect. If I was Hiro I would end it at the OS having the advantage and saying "Now Jellal for all the suffering we had to endue at the tower" and they are all about to attack him and than cut away and next time we see them many chapters later we find out Jellal won and they agree to follow him.
Erza in the prison, are we sure Hiro hasn't been reading History's Strognest Disciple Kenichi. The way they cover up Erza boobs is almost identical to show they cover up Shigure. BTW, if you think FT is crazy with the fan service, check out HSDK. I don't think Erza is acting parcially, it is obvious she and Mira did figure it out before they were knocked out Crawford is a traitor, so all the ex chairman would never that is all for show.
Nothing on Elfman situation, when Natsu and Erza try to escape, they might bump into him and have to fight him.
I do think Natsu is going to successful rescue Erza, but not Mira, and in the end they will know Tartaros home base thanks to Natsu's noice, and now they know Jellal is the only one left to protect.