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Fairy Tail 366 has been released.
Wow, a Natsu popsicle. At least I got something right. Although, that was easy to see coming.
As for Silver's relationship, I'm leaning towards brother or uncle as well. Father is still not out of the question.
And seriously, I read the first pages and the moment I see that demon or whatever with the tanticals, I think we all know where this was going hahahahah
Franmalth did a good job attacking Natsu and Natsus attacks did not seem to hurt him much so did not seem like Franmalth is weak to me.
A character does not need to defeat his opponent really easy and fast to be powerful.
Great chapter.
I knew that Natsu probably would get beaten and captured because Silver and Kyouka seems to be the most important and powerful villains in this story arc except for END.
They probably wont be defeated until the end of the arc.
If Silver was Gray from the future it feels like he should have reacted differently to seeing Natsu again so i dont Think hes gray.
I wonder what Gray did that made Silver hate him so much.
Could have been something that happened before Gray meet Ul if he is Grays father.
If he is Grays father then the grave that he visited probably was for Grays mother. Still they may have some other connection like brother and son or uncle and nephew.
Im really looking forward to see Jellal fight the Oracion Seis and i hope the fight will end and they will finally decide to work together in the next chapter.