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Fairy Tail 367 has been released.

All of Natsu's powers are being blocked at the moment. If all dragon slayers get motion sickness (now at least) then it's safe to assume that it's probably something to do with their powers.

I was happy with this chapter. We got more ppl getting more time to shine than usual. Elfman being used to attack the guild was unexpected and if anyone said they saw it coming a week ago I'll eat my hat. It's nice to see this is progressing. Happy getting help was expected, I'm sure I saw several say as much. NaLi shippers should be happy. As opposed to the news they got a few days ago they get Natsu and Lisanne in prison naked together.

Anyone thinking taking Natsu's scarf away for a long period of time is going to prove to be detrimental to their health as it's been not only protecting him but also keeping him under control?

Levy gets to do something useful. Now all we need to see is next week when Elfman gets curbstomped by Gajeel or Makarov.


I knew Jellal vs OS was only going to take a couple of pages, i haven't forgotten the Laxus vs Jura title. Still nothing special happened in that fight and i can't believe Mashima made Angel kick jellal down(really?).And jellal reacted by blitzing Racer and knocking him down and try to do the same to cobra but it looks like he blocked it.

Now it seems they all gonna have to team up to fight Zero, and finally people will give Zero the credi he deserve and stop puting him below the likes of Jellal/Laxus and Jura. The guy managed to tango a bit with DF Natsu(though Natsu was yet to use it full power but still). And some people will finally understand how OP DF Natsu if it gonna take Jellal + OS to take him down