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Fairy Tail 369 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 368 has been released.
So what happened is;
Elfman's got a nuke in his hands. Cana is judgemental and ran her mouth off. Silver found out they got Natsu. Lisanna got clothed. Erza remains tortured. Ex-chairman has officially shown to be more useful than Hibiki. 'Bishounens be useless'. Jellal got pierced by Dark Capriccio. I'mma give him a pass on that seeing as Dark Capriccio was supposed to be a penetration-type magic. I bet it'll turn out that Midnight refracted that last punch to save Jellal.
Good chapter although it made me rethink some of the theories I've had to this point. There was quite a bit going on given the three fronts we were presented with. I'm starting to think that Silver is actually Edolas Gray. I am also thinking END is Edolas Natsu Dragneel and that Sayla is possibly Edolas Cana. Kyouka seems like she could be Knightwalker as well or possibly Edolas Lucy. It even makes a strange sort of sense.
They want to use FACE to take away the magic powers from the Earthland mages. That's exactly what happened to Edolas. I'm guessing Edolas turned into a living hell after the magic was gone. Fairy Tail Edolas might have even gotten some of the blame if people realized that The Great Lord Dragneel looked a whole lot like the Fairy Tail mage Natsu. Travelling between dimensions could have thrown them around through time. Even finding Gray disgusting might and throwing Lisanne something to wear would be in keeping with Edolas Gray's habit of staying fully clothed and not liking Earthland Gray's stripping, something he found disgusting. Further reinforced by calling her an affectionate name like princess as Edolas Gray knew Lisanne.