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Fairy Tail 369 has been released.
Okay so Hiro found a way to get out of the Jellal must die for the story to progress. I know it is BS, but I don't care Jellal doesn't have to die, at least in this arc. Yes.
So Zero is not up, it was all Midnight's illusion, but still could "careful what you wish for" or whatever it means you fake something and than happens for real, Zero might get up for real, which I hope for, I want the new Crime Sorciere to fight him. The Oracion Seis our real paradon, they thought Zellal was going to kill them, or put them back in jail, but I don't blame them for being paranoid. They are lucky Tartaros didn't find them. Zellal did say help him kill Zeref, so does this mean they are not going to waste their time on Tartous? Cobra knows what they up to, so if Zellal feels it is beneth they will play a role in this war. Zeref will still be waiting down the line.
Crawford, such an idiot, we all knew he was dead, and I know it means unleashing Face and stuff, but I don't care, thank you Tartarus, for giving that jerk what he deserves, now if only they can kill Michello or however you spell that jerk ex councilman's name. I am just lauhging my butt off.
And we came very close for a being chapter with no Fairy Tail moment, until the very end, would have been the first time since the chapter when Zereff killed Hades and Ultear tried to kill herself.
Anyway great chapter, horay for Crawford getting what is coming to him, and Zellal doesn't have to die.