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Fairy Tail 371 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 370 has been released.

Beth is so adorable. After Wendy, she looks like the most pure innocent person in the series.

So Face can't be activated yet. So there is still more to go, before we get to the cllmatic part in which magic is gone and Fairy Tail is going to have to find a way to overcome that and win anyway. Lamy is so weird and creppy, yet adorable at the same time. When this is over, Fairy Tail needs to keep her, too adorable, maybe they can brainwash her to reform and she can be Asuka' playmate.

I notice since they have been in prison, Lisanna has actted more and more like Lucy, her little bit in this chapter "don't look at me you idiot", that is vintage Lucy. We will see if that sword has any sugnifigance.

So all the demons that has been killed are back, I suspected so much, Tempesta he reminds me of Greed. And we finally see demon Minerva, it looks like she has lost an eye. Tartarous has made no secret they don't see her as an equal. But she looks hot. And Mira is not ready yet, though if she is going to look ugly when this is over, I don't think she will be turned into a demon, an ugly Mira we can't have that.

Looks like Cana figured everything out with what is going on with Elfman. About time someone figured out, how dense can anyone be not to notice.

Tartarus is righ above Magnollia, so FT doesn't have to go far to find them, does this mean Face is somwhere in Magnolia.

Anyway good chapter, some good setup, I can't wait to see what Minerva can actully do. If Natsu can break out, hopefully he will break out Erza, and they can all have pay back on Tartarus. Part 1 is over, are we half way through the arc already. Though they never said how many parts this arc has, we could be entering part 2 of 10 parts for all we know.