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Fairy Tail 371 has been released.
Say what you want, but the way Fairy Tail escaped, that is clever. I wonder if that dark skinned hunk Cana was talking about was Shu. He is the only one I know that has that magic. Perhaps she and Cana will cross paths some day.
Cana and the Exceeds the big heros here, though I wouldn't trust Elfman at the moment, I think they need to defeat Sayla before he can be back to normal.
Thankfully Mira is okay, she had that power all along, I guess they were wasting their time trying to experimete on her, should have killed her when they had the chance, idiots.
Natsu, Erza, and Lisanna, and now it is pay back time. I told you a while ago that I wouldn't want to be Kyouka when Erza gets out, though maybe Minerva will save her and fight Erza while she gets away, I still think Kyouka destniy is to be killed by End, so she has to get away to be betrayed by her master.
The counerattack begins, is there are only two parts to his arc?, It looks like we are almost at the end, I hope Tartarus has some more tricks up their sleeves, and extend this arc. Who is going to fight Sayla to free Elfman once and for all, Mira, Lisanna, or Cana, maybe all three? At least need to have two of them fight her as they will probably have to fight Elfman as well.
Good chapter, I am glad Fairy Tail is ready to take the fight to them, some might hate how they escaped death, but still better than on Tenrou Island.