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Fairy Tail 372 has been released.
So the counterattack begins but the reenforcements are having trouble getting in. Meanwhile Erza is fighting Kyouka, she asked Natsu and Lisanna to go find the others and they left and Kyouka didn't use any of her sense curses. Is Erza trying to convert her too? Erza not everyone can be converted, so might as well give it a rest.
Meanwhile the others continue to fight outside of Tartarus head quarters, Juvia gets jealous at a enemy for "trying to hug Gray", they did a similer joke in the movie.
Erza just stabbed Kyouka looks like she is dying, but we know that is not a problem, these demons can be brought back to life no problem, as long as Lammy lives, Tartarus is fine.
Natsu advances the castle, beats up some fodders, and comes face to face with Zeref. Well I don't think Zeref is actully there in person, that could be a hologram, or Zeref getting inside Natsu mind, if he is there, Tartarus doesn't know, the way they talked about him it is clear they are not getting direct orders from him.
Good chapter, FT is kicking butt, that is to expected, though I expect a counterattack to the counterattack very soon.
Also why didn't Lucy just use Virgo when they stated they needed a breach to the top she could have basically did the same thing Erza did.
What Fairy Tail has done:
Tempesta stomped by Laxus
Jackal defeated by Natsu
Jackal Explosion tanked by Happy. Afro Happy
Fairy Tail Escaping Sayla "500x Bomb"
Erza stomping Kyouka
Romeo defeating their Foot soldiers.
Lucy's whip handling their foot soldiers
What Tartarous has done:
Wound Laxus and the Rijinshuu
Kill the ex chairman and activate Face