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Fairy Tail 373 has been released.
So Hiro got the message, nobody cares about Quarto Cerbes, so if they show up, they will just be fooderised.
So Igneel couldn't kill END, the way Zeref says it I don't think it was because END is too strong, but becanuse Igneel just couldn't find in him because he cares about him for some reason. And Zeref discribes him and Natsu as two seperate people, so either Natsu has split personalities and we have some Naruto Nine Tales like stuff going on here, or maybe END is Natsu adopted older brother. Either way would be cool, we could have evil Natsu, or evil "Ace".
Those of you that whined about the Erza / Kyokua fight last week, I told you it wasn't over, don't be so quick to judge.
We have Mira vs Sayla already, I think we might not have a conclussive ending to this fight, or Mira is just going to plan lose, because I think they will have their decissive battle later. I am hoping for late on Erza and Mira vs Kyokua and Sayla, that wold be cool. Anyway it is confirmed Sayla is turning, she clearly cried though you don't see her tears, so they are trying to make her sympathic, And she is fighting Mira, and we know Mira after she beats her opponents to a bloody pulp she nakamanises them. I told you guys for a while, she like Silver doesn't seem to be pure evil like the others.
41 minutes till Face activates it. How many chapters will these 41 mintues take? My guess at least 20 chapters. So this opponent is he one of the seven demons, that way he talked at the end, could he be a former member of Grimmore Heart, he could be Blue Note under that mask.
All and all, a fine chapter I love the way things are moving, Mira vs Sayla, Natsu being connected to END, I am so excited of what is to come.