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Fairy Tail 285 has been released.

The lastest chapter finish with the competition portion of the Grand magic games` third day is pandemonium. Mages from each team take turns choosing a number of monsters to fight to amongst the 100 monsters lurking within the temple, and earn points based on the number that they defeat, until they retire.

Erza, who has drown the first turn, uses in to take all 100. She then proceeds to annihilate all 100, showing everyone the strength of Fairy tail.

There aren`t any monsters for the other competitors to fight with. Instead in order to decide the ranking of the remaining teams, a simple game called the Magical Power Finder, shorthanded to MPF, is introduced.

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The points from this game are as follow:

Millianna – 365

Novally – 125

Hibiki – 95

Orga – 3825

Jura – 8544

Cana – 9999

What happens next?

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