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Fairy Tail 376 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 375 has been released.
It's an okay chapter. The fights are kind of getting annoying though. I am glad tartarous isn't one shotted but at the same time he has dulled down his protagonist. Mirajane is getting bested by books in her BSS. Why don't she just transform into a stronger soul? Erza is refusing to fight with any armor and using her hot pants. Natsu LDF roar? LOL and Lucy isn't even attacking. 
Next Chapter Wendy vs Ezel? Okay I am kind of intrigued just a little though. I want to see how he will try to play this out. I don't see this playing out well for Wendy although Grandine might appear. 2 more chapters before part 2 is over. Either Song of the heavenly dragon will be about Wendy or Lucy + Natsu. I kind of go with the latter since they have been focused on the most although Wendy situation might cause for Grandine to appear. 
Also why did last chapter is was 34 minutes but now it is 40 minutes before activation?