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Fairy Tail 376 has been released.
Very good chapter, all right Wendy has her moment here. She is awesome. 
Last chapter, Tartarus was talking about how Fairy Tail shouldn't underestemate, can defeat whole armies, blah blah blah, now it is Fairy Tail turn to tell not to estemate Wendy. Ezel was complaining what weakling opponent and Wendy shut him up. She is a dragon slayer, which people seem to forget. 
And silly Ezel Exceeds don't die in this series. Lector and Happy are examples of that, and now you just pissed off Wendy, next chapter title "The Imperial Wrath Of The Sky Dragon", I expect Wendy to really own the fight in the next chapter, and the next chapter is the final chapter of part 2, either Wendy will save the day for now or Face will be activated. My prediction, if this is going to be 7 parts, it is too soon for Face to activated, so I think Wendy will stop it.