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Fairy Tail 378 has been released.
I was surprised when I saw two new chapters out. I legit squealed! 
Been re-reading the latest chapters because it was so good. Seriously, Wendy completely slayed my soul with her fight. She was badass! Like totally amazing. Even though Dragon Force was only a temporary thing, I'm still happy that she managed to slay this hard. When she disappeared it freaking gave me goosebumps! Just wow. 
The Charle x Wendy moment was too sweet for me. I almost got teary-eyed. I thought they were gonna die but I also had second thoughts, they wouldn't die because she's too precious. And because this is Mashima. 
No complaints here! I'm completely impressed with this week's chapters! 
I'm also thankful that they added color pages. I hope it's always like this every release. keke 
Too many feels right now. Yaaaaaassssss.