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Fairy Tail 380 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 379 has been released.
Decent Chapter
- Yet another Gildarts tier rock has appeared. Mark my words, the day is coming when these rocks decide to make their move.
- Hades's soul was able to manifest for a second, that was kinda expected. Time to let out the light ..... like others have said, it's probably Lumen but it could very well be Fairy Law ..... why Makarov hasn't cast FL yet does make me scratch my head.
- Eat fish with Carla had me cracking up.
- Lucy's little trick was pretty funny too.
- Neo Minerva ............... o hey der Erza, you've been fighting for nearly an hour now, I'm gonna beat you though because I'm a badass who can never take on my opponent on equal grounds ..... o wait
- I don't get why Franmalth couldn't absorb the soul of a rock (Which obviously has no soul), but could absorb the soul of an lfd roar (Something that should also have no soul) ...... I think Mashima simply regretted giving him this ability.
-I was really expecting, and kinda hoping, that when Natsu and co were resisting having their souls absorbed by holding on to what they wanted most, that this would have inspired Hades's soul and he would have gotten free from Franmalth on his on, thus presenting the opportunity for Natsu to defeat Franmalth.