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Fairy Tail 381 has been released.
Chapter was Meh. 
I hate flashbacks that don't really amount to anything all it does is waste panel space. I not feeling the whole Elfman vs Sayla thing considering Elfman isn't that strong. If Sayla could destroy Mirajanes Sitri and Fairy dust could one shot Elfman I don't see him beating Sayla. Honestly this should be an easy win for Sayla. Sayla sound be faster, Physically stronger and have better destructive output than Elfman. Sayla can also still use Macro on Elfman and Lissana and Mirajane is almost knocked out and when she goes the rest is dead. 
Chapter was not what I was expecting nor did it meet my expectations. Fairy Tail was 2 chapters strong then this chapter just threw that off. This chapter was far from terrible but it doesn't live up to the awesomeness of the past two chapters. Elfman of all people coming to save Mirajane is just not good in my book.