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Fairy Tail 382 has been released.
Was not expecting a new chapter. I just went on MP to catch up on another manga while everything ongoing is on break, but to my surprise we get a new FT chapter. And what a chapter, I dare someone to complain about this chapter.
You want Tartarus showing there teeth and their strengh, you got it, you want Fairy Tail in trouble you got it, you want Lucy to have her moment, we might get it.
This Mard dude is awesomely powerful, and he is just a second in command, I hate you think how crazy strong END is, and I knew Kyouka would get back stabbed by her supperior, I thought it would be END that would kill her, but I was close, though I don't think she is dead, or at least clearly dead, I hope not. She is now starting to interest me, so I don't want her to die just yet. The reveal of Kyouka of her either curosity or enviness of human, that is a nice twist, she
reminds me of Ulquiora from Bleach a bit.
Well it looked Lumia Historia will have to wait, if it is going to be used, hopefully that means Gildarts will show up, since he is the only one that can unleash it at the moment.
And I am glad FT except for Lucy is out of the picture, they need help. Which means other people will have to help them and appear in this arc. Gildarts of course, we already saw Doranbolt, but hopefully others might appear after all like Jellal, Melody, the Oracion Cinco, maybe other guilds like Sabertooth. It is a forgone conclusion Jellal and his comrades will appear since part of it had to do with him, and unless this is not Minerva last stand at the end of this arc she will escape and will be like "I will get you next time" , Sabertooth has to appear to play a role in the finality of the character.
So I am excited, and hopefully Lucy can have an awesome moment before the reeforcements arrive. Anyway a nice great surprise, awesome chapter, can't wait for the next one, which will be a long wait.