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Awesome chapter ... 
I loved the CSK vs Mard fight .. 
Both of them are beasts and their feats outclass every other character that fought in this arc. 
I have mixed feelings about Lucy vs Jackal. On one hand, I loved her new look and her fighting on her own but on the other hand, it was a bit convenient. 
But it's fairly obvious Mard will defeat CSK. The depiction alone proves it ... CSK started to bust out Town level moves and Mard is just dodging. 
Jellal vs Mard needs to happen!!! Even their fighting style is similar. Using agility to dodge and use finger-move attacks. 
Poor Aquarius! Guess it's really over for her. But if her power was passed onto Lucy, then doesn't that make her nothing in the spirit world? 
I do hope Lucy vs Jackal isn't over yet! 
What happened to Alegria anyways?